6361028 Panasonic Ai spare parts

6361028  Panasonic Ai spare parts/ UIC Universal Ai Spare Parts


SOUTHERN MACHINERY are global electronics specialists supplying the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) sector with Made In China nozzles, feeders, spare parts and consumables in both new and used conditions. We offer an average saving of up to 40%.
New products that we offer include screen printers such as DEK, EKRA and MPM as well as essential SMT parts such as squeegee blades, motors, gears, sensors, springs and belts. Our main product lines are Panasonic, Fuji, Universal, Yamaha, Juki, Assembléon, ASM, Samsung and iPulse. Additionally, which is a great option for companies on a budget that want to purchase quality parts at an affordable price.
Made In China spare parts.
AI spare parts brands of Universal ,PANASONIC,TDK
SMT parts brands of FUJI ,YAMAHA ,JUKI ,SIEMENS, SAMSUNG,PANASONIC,SONY, PHILIPS, UNIVERSAL, MIRAE, I-PULSE,DEKJUKI SMT Radial Feeder.Horizontal Stacked Tube Feeders /JM-10 Feeder. JM-20 Feeder • Bowl Feeder • Radial Feeder • Axial Feeder .radial MRF-SW. radial MRF-S.JUKI SMT
,Customize SMT Nozzle Jaws etc.