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5 Tips for buying SMT equipment / machine for EMS PCB assembly

2023-02-09 17:51:22


How to choose SMT mounter
The mounting accuracy, speed and price of the mounting machine are mainly considered when selecting and purchasing the mounting machine. The types of the mounting machine are divided into three types: rotary mounting machine, gantry mounting machine and flexible mounting machine. The gantry mounting machine is fast, small in size, low in price, and its programming ability is strong, so it is easy to use with assembly. Therefore, gantry mounting machine will be used in SMT production line in the future. This mounting machine can quickly complete the installation of large components and micro-spaced components, which is its advantage. Different SMT mounters are needed in different production environments in SMT production process. The production scale of SMT mounter is the first problem to be considered. Whether the machine meets the production requirements depends on which components need to be mounted on the circuit board, how many components need to be mounted, and the specific production environment. There are many kinds of SMT mounters, and manufacturers may not be able to use only one SMT Mounter to meet all the requirements of users. _
When purchasing a new SMT, considering its mounting accuracy, speed and SMT price, you first need to clarify the following questions: What size circuit boards can it produce? How many different components do you need to use? What types/specifications of components will be used? How much will change? What is the average number of mounted components per panel? How many circuit boards can be produced per hour? What is the level of return on investment? What is the cost? Successful component mounting is often related to various devices. _
To buy SMT mounter, we need to know all the links of SMT Mounter production process, and then according to the demand of our products for SMT mounter, we can make more favorable decisions according to the advantages and disadvantages of different SMT mounters. After purchasing SMT Mounter to understand the above factors to be considered, then find a few powerful manufacturers of SMT Mounter to understand their equipment, and then purchase it in combination with comparison.


How to choose  SMT production line:

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1, According to the type of product, output, and recent development planFirst of all, it should be clear about the electronic products processed in the production line, the product types, the complexity of the products, the components of the products, the total annual output; the establishment of new production lines or the reconstruction and expansion of the old production lines.According to the actual situation, determine the scale of the production line, calculate the need for a specific placement machine; if the reconstruction or expansion, the statistics can use the machine, the recent plans to expand production, the production line should also consider scalability.Production conditions to determine the scale of the production line

2, according to the assembly density of electronic products, the type and quantity of components to be determined to determine the type of equipmentHigh-density, multi-pin narrow pitch and large size SMD devices, with special-shaped components, must choose multi-function placement machine, a multi-function placement machine can not be placed on the task, then should also be configured with a medium speedMounter or high speed placement machine.

3, determine the equipment selection plan according to the product processThe product is relatively simple, when using pure surface assembly or single-sided mixing process, you can choose a welding equipment (reflow oven or wave soldering machine);When the product is more complicated, the assembly density is higher, and there are more double-sided mixed parts of the inserted components, when two welding processes of reflow soldering and wave soldering are used, two kinds of soldering equipments, such as reflow soldering furnace and wave soldering machine, should be selected;If the product needs to be cleaned, configure the cleaning device.

4, according to the capital conditions of the enterpriseThe funding conditions are relatively scarce, and the performance price ratio of the equipment should be given priority.


5, choose the wrong area of ​​the equipmentI often come across the customer to ask the series of placement machines, the reflow soldering series is the best, which printing machine is the best, in fact, the different equipment needs different equipment, can not say that Germany’s Siemens is good, can not be South Korea’s Samsung stickersThe film machine is not good.Of course, you choose high-efficiency high-speed placement machine, ideal capacity and energy-saving reflow soldering, printing precision, price and not expensive solder paste printing machine, if you are the boss carefully consider the feasibility of the equipment required by the engineer, the investment is highEquipment feasibility and investment costs and recycling costs are factors.Engineers should know more about the needs of your production and try to choose a cost-effective machine for your company.

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