5 Reasons for you to choose LED SMT assemble line from Southern Machinery

24 hours online service for LED SMT assembly machines:

S-K100 LED line

1)What is high speed SMT pick and place machine ?

The high speed automatic SMT mounting machine is the equipment used to realize high-speed, high accuracy completely automatic mounting the electric elements like LED light sphere, electric resistance , electric capacity etc. It is the mot essential and most complex equipment in the entire SMT production. The mounting machine is the major machine in SMT production line, and it is already developed from the early low speed mechanical mounting machine to high-speed optics mounting machine, and to multipurpose, flexible connection modulation development.


2)What machines does the LED board processing need ?

The LED mount technical process simplification is: Printing, Pick and placing, Reflow Oven (in each part, you can join examine link to control quality)


3) What are the advantages of Southern Machinery SMT pick and place machine ?

a.Top high speed in the world, quick than the main SMT machines brands like Siemens, Fuji, Samsung, Panasonic, Sanyo;

b.Lowest power consumption, 2.5-3.5KW/Hour;

c.Match vacuum pumps along with the main machine, no need to match extra vacuum pump;

d.Electric control system is installed on the top of the main machine, easy to maintain, and has a good damp proof effect;

e.Integrated forming steel frame, guarantee our mounting machine a stable performance on high speed running conditions.

f.The distance of sucking mouth can be adjusted manually, photoelectric will make sure the accuracy after adjust, allow you to mount different pitches PCB board.


4) What kinds electric elements can use our high speed SMT machine !

The main elements our machine can mount include: LED lights, electric capacity and electric resistance, sizes like: 0805,1206,2121,2835,3014,3528,5050,5630,5730,RGB; mainly for 1.2-1.5 meter LED light tube, LED panel light, 0.5-1.0 meter LED light strip , RGB strip.


5) What is our main business scope ?

We are the leading manufactuer of SMT LED mounting machines in Shenzhen, China, and we can produce and supply you all the SMT processing needed machines to you, mainly include: LED PCB board mounting machine, PCB board printer, PCB board reflow oven , and other related SMT devices.


For more detailed information about our  LED SMT assemble line, email us freely, and you are warmly welcomed to visit our factory for SMT devices business !

What service you can enjoy if you purchase   machine from us:

  • 1. AI/SMT PCB Design Guidance

    • How to improve machine’s efficiency,save more workers for you.
    • Starting from the PCB layout and component specifications.
    • Considering the potential of equipment, 
    • how to make the machine’s actual speed to be theoretical.PCB size ,
    • how to custom can make more efficient
  • 2. AI/SMT Technology Process Of Import

    • First insert or pick&place?Step-by-step to guide you for designing your PCB production process.
    • The new product programming, transfer line, how to deal with many varieties of small batch ?
    • How to reduce the production process defective rate?
    • Improve the continuous optimization
  • 3. Equipment’s installation And Technology Training

    • What position does your equipment should be installed in the workshop?
    • Teach you how to layout the workshop for most conforms  the technological process, save workers.
    •  Care about the more precise assembly and installing your equipment more than you.
    • Equipment installation before/after have comprehensive training courses.
    • We have English training courses and years of experience to install abroad.
    • We not only training the AI/SMT machine, we study together, progress together.
  • 4. Machine Trouble Shooting/Retrofit/Overhaul/Relocating

    • Equipment production status 7X24 hours in the Cloud End, managers “anytime” “anywhere” insight into equipment production, state;
    • Factory technical experts can 7 x24 hours online video consultation equipment technical fault, the cloud initiative to monitor and remind equipment maintenance;
    • We upgrade your machine, you increase your productivity;
    • And maintenance of the annual/full access to our professional engineer, they well, you must be able to get beyond your expectations of harvest;

  • 5. AI/SMT Machine Accessories

  • Equipment 7 x24 hours in the “cloud”, we offer equipment spare parts list according to equipment real-time state, and supported the use of PC equipment direct orders to buy;  
  • We have many years of AI/SMT machine accessories design, production and manufacturing experiences;
  • We service life of spare parts, as well as spare parts affect the quality of the products for machinery and equipment and , and that, we willing to help our customers;
  • We not only provide wearing parts replacement, more willing to provide you with technical guidance;
  • We have professional engineers to electronic boards, motors and so on to provide maintenance services.

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