3D SMT machine model for better training and evaluation

We understand that SMT machine training and after sales service are a key to choose a new supplier.
Please click below links to see machine 3D models:
https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Production line.html https://www.smthelp.com/html/THT_Auto_Insertion_full_line.html

SMT AI Peripheral Equipments and Spare parts

ItemProduct NameURL 
1Bicycle https://www.smthelp.com/html/Bicycle.html
2FUJI_NXT_8mmfeeder https://www.smthelp.com/html/FUJI_NXT_8mmfeeder.html
3IC_tube_to_reeltapepackingmachine https://www.smthelp.com/html/IC_tube_to_reeltapepackingmachine.html
4PCBA_THT_fixture https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCBA_THT_fixture.html
5RS-1_Vibration_tube_FEEDER_BANK https://www.smthelp.com/html/RS-1_Vibration_tube_FEEDER_BANK.html
6SMT Label feeder.htmhttps://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Label feeder.htm
7SMT reel tape feeder 72mm width https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT reel tape feeder 72mm width.html
8SMT_axial_Radial_feeder_bank https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT_axial_Radial_feeder_bank.html
9SMT_label_mounter https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT_label_mounter.html
10SMT_Odd_Bowl_feeder https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT_Odd_Bowl_feeder.html
11SMT_tray_feeder_B https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT_tray_feeder_B.html
12SMThelp_PCBA-smt https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMThelp_PCBA-smt.html
13UIC_autoinsertion_Spareparts_list https://www.smthelp.com/html/UIC_autoinsertion_Spareparts_list.html
14wave_soldering_line https://www.smthelp.com/html/wave_soldering_line.html
15Wave soldering machine  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Wave soldering machine.html 
16Adapter JUKI Nozzle with Nozzle  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Adapter JUKI Nozzle with Nozzle.html 
17Auto Insertion Axial Radial Oddform Production line  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Auto Insertion Axial Radial Oddform Production line.html 
18Bowl Radial reel feeder w JUKI cart https://www.smthelp.com/html/Bowl Radial reel feeder w JUKI cart.html
19Conveyor 1M nolight  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Conveyor 1M nolight.html 
20Feeder cart-Bowl Axial Radial Tube https://www.smthelp.com/html/Feeder cart-Bowl Axial Radial Tube.html
21FUJI glue nozzle  https://www.smthelp.com/html/FUJI glue nozzle.html 
22FUJI nozzle WGW-CZ  https://www.smthelp.com/html/FUJI nozzle WGW-CZ.html 
23FUJI nozzle WJH-CZ https://www.smthelp.com/html/FUJI nozzle WJH-CZ.html
24fuji NXT 8mm feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/fuji NXT 8mm feeder.html 
25fuji NXT 8mm feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/fuji NXT 8mm feeder.html 
26FUJI Sfab Radial tape feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/FUJI Sfab Radial tape feeder.html 
27Gripper nozzle for E-cap https://www.smthelp.com/html/Gripper nozzle for E-cap.html
28Hign end conveyor 1M w PCBA https://www.smthelp.com/html/Hign end conveyor 1M w PCBA.html
29JUKI 2 layer bowl feeder w cart  https://www.smthelp.com/html/JUKI 2 layer bowl feeder w cart.html 
30JUKI Gripper_Nozzle 2583 C https://www.smthelp.com/html/JUKI Gripper_Nozzle 2583 C.html
31Juki Nozzle 500 Assembly https://www.smthelp.com/html/Juki Nozzle 500 Assembly.html
32Juki Nozzle 500 Head Assembly  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Juki Nozzle 500 Head Assembly.html 
33JUKI Radial tape feeder big span https://www.smthelp.com/html/JUKI Radial tape feeder big span.html
34JUKI Radial tape L lead feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/JUKI Radial tape L lead feeder .html
35Juki2050 Feeder Cart w Radial axial https://www.smthelp.com/html/Juki2050 Feeder Cart w Radial axial.html
36Mobile charger PCBA  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Mobile charger PCBA.html 
37Nozzle adepter  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Nozzle adepter.html 
38Nozzle base  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Nozzle base.html 
39Odd form insertion Feeders w loader-unloader  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Odd form insertion Feeders w loader-unloader.html 
40Panasonic Al Spare parts list 2  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Panasonic Al Spare parts list 2.html 
41Panasonic CM602 Bowl feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Panasonic CM602 Bowl feeder.html 
42PCB Combo loader destacker+Magazine  https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCB Combo loader destacker+Magazine.html 
43PCB Magazine  https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCB Magazine.html 
44Power supplier  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Power supplier.html 
45Radial Cutter clinch head https://www.smthelp.com/html/Radial Cutter clinch head.html
46Radial Insertion Head Assy w Ecap  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Radial Insertion Head Assy w Ecap.html 
47RS-1 FEEDER BANK w Vibe tube feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/RS-1 FEEDER BANK w Vibe tube feeder.html 
48S3010A Radial Insertion machine inline https://www.smthelp.com/html/S3010A Radial Insertion machine inline.html
49S3010A Radial machine no cover  https://www.smthelp.com/html/S3010A Radial machine no cover.html 
50S7000 Odd Form Insertion machine https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7000 Odd Form Insertion machine.html
51S7000 Oddform insertion 3 bowl feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7000 Oddform insertion 3 bowl feeder.html 
52S700D Odd Form Insertion machine https://www.smthelp.com/html/S700D Odd Form Insertion machine.html
53S-7020T Terminal insertion  https://www.smthelp.com/html/S-7020T Terminal insertion.html 
54S-7040 Oddform insertion w 4 bowl feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/S-7040 Oddform insertion w 4 bowl feeder.html 
55S-7040T Oddform insertion w Tray feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/S-7040T Oddform insertion w Tray feeder.html 
56SBH250 NGOK dual nagazine PCB unloader w magazine https://www.smthelp.com/html/SBH250 NGOK dual nagazine PCB unloader w magazine.html
57SBU460 Bare PCB destacker loader +conveyor  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SBU460 Bare PCB destacker loader +conveyor.html 
58SLD250 PCB loader w magazine https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD250 PCB loader w magazine.html
59SLD250 S4020A+S3010A SULD250 Al machine production line https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD250 S4020A+S3010A SULD250 Al machine production line.html
60SLD250+ S3020A +SULD250 Radial Insertion machine inline https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD250+ S3020A +SULD250 Radial Insertion machine inline.html
61SLD250+S3010A(s)+SULD250 Al machine production line  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD250+S3010A(s)+SULD250 Al machine production line.html 
62SLD250+S3010A+S7040T(tray feeder)+SULD250 Al machine production line https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD250+S3010A+S7040T(tray feeder)+SULD250 Al machine production line.html
63SLD390 SMT PCB loader (L-R) https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD390 SMT PCB loader (L-R).html
64SLD390L SMT PCB loader(L-R)  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD390L SMT PCB loader(L-R).html 
65SLD390L SMT PCB loader(L-R)w magazine  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD390L SMT PCB loader(L-R)w magazine.html 
66SLVC200 Vacuum PCB loader +conveyor  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLVC200 Vacuum PCB loader +conveyor.html 
67SLVC200 Vacuum PCB loader  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLVC200 Vacuum PCB loader.html 
68SMT 2 rail bowl feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT 2 rail bowl feeder.html 
69SMT BHS line1  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT BHS line1.html 
70SMT CART FEEDER  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT CART FEEDER.html 
71SMT customized nozzle design n manufacturing https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT customized nozzle design n manufacturing.html
72SMT Drone main control board  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Drone main control board.html 
73SMT Gripper nozzle customized https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Gripper nozzle customized.html
74SMT Gripper nozzle JUKI  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Gripper nozzle JUKI.html 
75SMT label feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT label feeder.html 
76SMT nozzle list 1  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT nozzle list 1.html 
77SMT Nozzle MiniChuck_closing w component  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Nozzle MiniChuck_closing w component.html 
78SMT PCB 90 turn conveyor  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT PCB 90 turn conveyor.html 
79SMT PCB conveyor 1M w lighting https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT PCB conveyor 1M w lighting.html
80SMT PCB Flipper (turn over) + conveyor w PCBA  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT PCB Flipper (turn over) + conveyor w PCBA.html 
81SMT PCB Flipper (turn over) conveyor https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT PCB Flipper (turn over) conveyor.html
82SMT PCB Shuttle conveyor https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT PCB Shuttle conveyor.html
83SMT PnP mounter  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT PnP mounter.html 
84SMT Production line  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Production line.html 
85SMT reflow oven https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT reflow oven.html
86SMT Screen printer  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Screen printer.html 
87SMT THT bare PCB board https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT THT bare PCB board.html
88SMT THT DC Power PCBA  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT THT DC Power PCBA.html 
89SMT tray feeder -B  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT tray feeder -B.html 
90SMT Tray feeder https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Tray feeder.html
91SMT tube feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT tube feeder.html 
92SMT Vacuum Nozzle 505 https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Vacuum Nozzle 505.html
93SMThelp Axial taped feeder https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMThelp Axial taped feeder.html
94SMThelp PCB BHS production line  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMThelp PCB BHS production line.html 
95SMThelp PCB Magazine w PCBA  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMThelp PCB Magazine w PCBA.html 
96SMThelp PCBA 2 in 1  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMThelp PCBA 2 in 1.html 
97SMThelp SMT-THT pcba 8in1 https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMThelp SMT-THT pcba 8in1.html
98SMThelp THT pcb assembly 9in1 https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMThelp THT pcb assembly 9in1.html
99SMThelp THT pcba  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMThelp THT pcba.html 
100SULD250 PCB Unloader (R-L)  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SULD250 PCB Unloader (R-L).html 
101SULD390 PCB Unloader (L-R) https://www.smthelp.com/html/SULD390 PCB Unloader (L-R).html
102SULD390 PCB Unloader (R-L) w Magazine  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SULD390 PCB Unloader (R-L) w Magazine.html 
103SULD390 PCB Unloader (R-L)  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SULD390 PCB Unloader (R-L).html 
104SULD390 PCB Unloader (R-L)  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SULD390 PCB Unloader (R-L).html 
105SULD460 L-type PCB unloader (L-R) https://www.smthelp.com/html/SULD460 L-type PCB unloader (L-R).html
106THT axial radial PCBA https://www.smthelp.com/html/THT axial radial PCBA.html
107THT Capacitor lead cut-forming https://www.smthelp.com/html/THT Capacitor lead cut-forming.html
108Tray feeder w feeder bank https://www.smthelp.com/html/Tray feeder w feeder bank.html
109Tray feeder https://www.smthelp.com/html/Tray feeder.html
110UIC BHS Assy https://www.smthelp.com/html/UIC BHS Assy.html
111UIC FJ head assy  https://www.smthelp.com/html/UIC FJ head assy.html 
112UIC Radial Carrier Clip  https://www.smthelp.com/html/UIC Radial Carrier Clip.html 
113UIC Radial Feeder and Carrier Clip (1)  https://www.smthelp.com/html/UIC Radial Feeder and Carrier Clip (1).html 
114UIC Radial lead component carrier clip w Ecap https://www.smthelp.com/html/UIC Radial lead component carrier clip w Ecap.html
115UIC Radial lead component carrier clip https://www.smthelp.com/html/UIC Radial lead component carrier clip.html
116UIC spare parts list 3  https://www.smthelp.com/html/UIC spare parts list 3.html 
117wave soldering line  https://www.smthelp.com/html/wave soldering line.html 
118Wave soldering output conveyor  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Wave soldering output conveyor.html 
119What is SMT Gripper nozzle https://www.smthelp.com/html/What is SMT Gripper nozzle.html
120What is SMT Gripper nozzle  https://www.smthelp.com/html/What is SMT Gripper nozzle.html 
121X_Y_workingtable  https://www.smthelp.com/html/X_Y_workingtable.html 
122Yamaha nozzle YMH-100ll-31 https://www.smthelp.com/html/Yamaha nozzle YMH-100ll-31.html
123Yamaha nozzle YMH-100ll-31  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Yamaha nozzle YMH-100ll-31.html 
124Yamaha nozzleYMH-112-52  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Yamaha nozzleYMH-112-52.html 
125Yamaha nozzleYMH-112-52  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Yamaha nozzleYMH-112-52.html 
126Ymaha nozzle YMH-112-52  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Ymaha nozzle YMH-112-52.html 
127Ymaha nozzle YMH-112-52 https://www.smthelp.com/html/Ymaha nozzle YMH-112-52.html
128Auto Tray n Tube stick feeder with Robot platformhttps://www.smthelp.com/html/Auto Tray n Tube stick feeder with Robot platform.html

THT production line:

ItemProduct NameURL 
1S3010A Radial Insertion Machine https://www.smthelp.com/html/S3010A Radial Insertion Machine.html
2S7000P Pin Eyelet Inserter w loader https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7000P Pin Eyelet Inserter w loader.html
3S4000H JW Axial Insertion machine w loader https://www.smthelp.com/html/S4000H JW Axial Insertion machine w loader.html
4THT   Auto   Insertion full             line https://www.smthelp.com/html/THT_Auto_Insertion_full_line.html
5wave soldering line https://www.smthelp.com/html/wave soldering line.html
6Xy workingtable https://www.smthelp.com/html/X_Y_workingtable.html
7PIN   Eyelet Odd  inserter https://www.smthelp.com/html/PIN_Eyelet_Odd_inserter.html
8S7000T Reel tape terminal inserter w PCB loading https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7000T Reel tape terminal inserter w PCB loading.html
9Manual Assembly line https://www.smthelp.com/html/Manual Assembly line.html
10Terminal PIN Eyelet  Inserter 2 headbowl PCB https://www.smthelp.com/html/Terminal_PIN_Eyelet_Inserter_2_head_bowl_PCB.html
11S-7020TTerminalinsertion https://www.smthelp.com/html/S-7020T_Terminal_insertion.html
12S7000T Reeltape             terminal             inserter             w             PCB loading https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7000T_Reel_tape_terminal_inserter_w_PCB loading.html
13S7040 Oddform Insertion machine x2 w F-B feeders PCB loading https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7040 Oddform Insertion machine x2 w F-B feeders PCB loading.html
14S7040 Oddform Insertion machine x2 w Front feeders https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7040 Oddform Insertion machine x2 w Front feeders.html
15S7040 OddFrom Insertion Machine w feeder PCB loading https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7040 OddFrom Insertion Machine w feeder PCB loading.html
16S7040 Oddform Insertion machine w Front feeders https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7040 Oddform Insertion machine w Front feeders.html
17Manual assemble line 2 https://www.smthelp.com/html/Manual assemble line 2.html
18S3010A Radial Insertion Machine w PCB loader inloader https://www.smthelp.com/html/S3010A Radial Insertion Machine w PCB loader inloader.html
19Wave Soldering machine and Manual assemble line 2 https://www.smthelp.com/html/Wave Soldering machine and Manual assemble line 2.html
20S7040 Oddform Insertion machine https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7040 Oddform Insertion machine.html
21SLD250 PCB Magazine Loader (250mm) w PCB https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD250 PCB Magazine Loader (250mm) w PCB.html
22S3010A Radial Insertion machine inline https://www.smthelp.com/html/S3010A Radial Insertion machine inline.html
23SLD250 S3020ASULD250   Radial Insertion  machine inline https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD250+%20S3020A%20+SULD250%20Radial%20Insertion%20machine%20inline.html

SMT production line:

ItemProduct NameURL 
1Mutil Line shuttle to 3 oven   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Mutil Line shuttle to 3 oven.html
2Reflow Oven 8 zones   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Reflow Oven 8 zones.html
3SMT loader Printer SPI NXT M3x4 (R-L)   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT loader Printer SPI NXT M3x4 (R-L).html
4SMT Line Loader DEK SPI NXT   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Line Loader DEK SPI NXT.html
5SMTLineLoaderDEKSPINXT   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMTLineLoaderDEKSPINXT.html
6SMT_mounter   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT_mounter.html
7PCBA Manual assembly with Wave Soldering machine line   https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCBA Manual assembly with Wave Soldering machine line.html
8SMT Line L-R loader printer SPI mounter   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Line L-R loader printer SPI mounter.html
9DEK Printer   https://www.smthelp.com/html/DEK Printer.html
10AOI with NGOK Unloader   https://www.smthelp.com/html/AOI with NGOK Unloader.html
11NG Buffer 1M   https://www.smthelp.com/html/NG Buffer 1M.html
12SMTtrayfeederwpickuphead   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMTtrayfeederwpickuphead.html
13Dual Magazine Unloader   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Dual Magazine Unloader.html
14DualMagazineUnloader   https://www.smthelp.com/html/DualMagazineUnloader.html
15SMT Mounter   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Mounter.html
16SMT Mounter.sync-conflict-20220307-122016-RCA3U2I   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Mounter.sync-conflict-20220307-122016-RCA3U2I.html
17PCB NG Buffer conveyor 0.8M length 460mm width   https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCB NG Buffer conveyor 0.8M length 460mm width.html
18S350DLC_1Mconveyorwithlightingcooling   https://www.smthelp.com/html/S350DLC_1Mconveyorwithlightingcooling.html
19PCB Buffer with cooling L-R 1M   https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCB Buffer with cooling L-R 1M.html
20PCB NGOK Unloader   https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCB NGOK Unloader.html
21Dual line Unloader   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Dual line Unloader.html
22PCB Magazine and Vacuum combo loader w PCB   https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCB Magazine and Vacuum combo loader w PCB.html
23SLD250 PCB Magazine Loader (250mm)   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD250 PCB Magazine Loader (250mm).html
24PCB Magazine and Vacuum combo loader   https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCB Magazine and Vacuum combo loader.html
25Dual line shuttle to Dual rail oven   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Dual line shuttle to Dual rail oven.html
26SMT production line std   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT production line std.html
27SMT product line 1   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT product line 1.html
28Dual rail Oven Buffer AOI Unloader   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Dual rail Oven Buffer AOI Unloader.html
29Mutil Line NXT shuttle to 1 oven.htmhttps://www.smthelp.com/html/Mutil Line NXT shuttle to 1 oven.htm
30SMT production line loader printer mounter   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT production line loader printer mounter.html
31SMT production line loader printer mounter R-L   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT production line loader printer mounter R-L.html
32SMT product line Printer Mounter Over w loader magazine   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT product line Printer Mounter Over w loader magazine.html
33SMTvacuumnozzl   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMTvacuumnozzl.html
34Wave soldering machine   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Wave soldering machine.html
35LED-mounter_semiauto   https://www.smthelp.com/html/LED-mounter_semiauto.html
36UIC FJ 7 head assy   https://www.smthelp.com/html/UIC FJ 7 head assy.html
37SMT tube feeder   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT tube feeder.html
38Desktop SMT pick n place mounter   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Desktop SMT pick n place mounter.html
39DesktopSMTpicknplacemounter   https://www.smthelp.com/html/DesktopSMTpicknplacemounter.html
40SMTreeltapefeeder   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMTreeltapefeeder.html
41SMT shuttle machine   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT shuttle machine.html
42Wave soldering input conveyor   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Wave soldering input conveyor.html
43SMT placement head 6 nozzles   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT placement head 6 nozzles.html
44SMT UIC IL 4 head base assy   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT UIC IL 4 head base assy.html
45Magazine S   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Magazine S.html
46SMT Label feeder   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Label feeder.html
47Manual assemble line 2   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Manual assemble line 2.html
48SMTLabelfeeder   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMTLabelfeeder.html
49PCB NG Buffer conveyor 0.8M length 460mm width.htmhttps://www.smthelp.com/html/PCB NG Buffer conveyor 0.8M length 460mm width.htm
50Radial Feeder   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Radial Feeder.html
51PCBflipperconveyor   https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCBflipperconveyor.html
52PCB flipper conveyor   https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCB flipper conveyor.html
53RadialFeeder   https://www.smthelp.com/html/RadialFeeder.html
54Wave soldering output conveyor   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Wave soldering output conveyor.html
55SMTAxialFeeder   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMTAxialFeeder.html
56SMT reel tape feeder 72mm width   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT reel tape feeder 72mm width.html
57S350C Conveyor 1M   https://www.smthelp.com/html/S350C Conveyor 1M.html
58SMT_smalltubefeeder   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT_smalltubefeeder.html
59Desktop robot soldering machine   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Desktop robot soldering machine.html
60SMT GKG Printer   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT GKG Printer.html
61SMTGrippernozzle   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMTGrippernozzle.html
62FUJI NXT M3 Mounter   https://www.smthelp.com/html/FUJI NXT M3 Mounter.html
63AOI machine   https://www.smthelp.com/html/AOI machine.html
64SMT PCB Loader Flipper (turn over) + conveyor w PCBA   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT PCB Loader Flipper (turn over) + conveyor w PCBA.html
65SMT PCB Flipper (turn over)conveyor w PCBA   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT PCB Flipper (turn over)conveyor w PCBA.html
66SMT PCB Flipper (turn over) conveyor   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT PCB Flipper (turn over) conveyor.html

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