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3 points development trend of SMT LED machine

2023-02-09 17:51:22




The LED pick and place machine play an important role in manufacturing process, is the contemporary mainstream electronic assembly technology investment the largest and the most advanced production equipment, the production ability of SMT production line, and the greatest influence the efficiency of production equipment. In fact, the most fault, speed bottleneck largely from patch the process, so the development of the placement machine equipment is the most conspicuous. Currently has the number of SMT machine and advanced level, has become a corporate, regional, or national key symbol of electronic manufacturing capacity. Facing the current development trend of the placement machine under declare as follows.

1? the LED pick and place machine is developing toward the higher precision

Placement machine precision is refers to the placement machine X, Y axis navigation movement of the mechanical precision and Z axis rotation accuracy. SMT machine adopts precision mechanical and electrical integration technology control the mechanical movement components will crawl out from the feeder and after calibration institutions for the precise and reliable loaded on the circuit board. In order to produce the products with higher performance, first of all, facing a major challenge is more likely to improve placement accuracy of SMT machine. Below from the LED process began to speak with a higher accuracy of the LED placement machine could have LED the revolutionary impact of production in the future.

With the launch of the flip chip bonded technology, both are linked together by more stable metal convex welding ball to connect, saves the cost and greatly improves the reliability and the cooling capacity. Leads have the advantages of long service life, cooperate with the flip chip bonded technology is better than the traditional packaging technology of gold wire interconnection can play the advantages of LED, LED inversion welding technology, to realize the single chip and multichip module without gold line, solid crystal gel encapsulation, high brightness, high luminous efficiency, high reliability, low thermal resistance, good color uniformity, and many other advantages.

LED no gold wire packaging industry commonly known as the “packaging” encapsulation “free”. This process is to use the flip chip and PCB SMT joint directly, SMD encapsulation process is omitted, the flip chip directly with SMT method on the joint to the circuit board or bearer, because the chip area is far less than the SMD components, so the process need to be very sophisticated design.

LED placement machine in improving accuracy of future conditions on the basis of applied directly to the flip chip packaging process, it will be little revolution LED process, can save a lot of packaging costs, and greatly improves the production cost and shorten the production cycle, really high performance LED products to enter the general lighting market at low price. Will the LED placement machine directly applied to the LED process, very has the potential to become future technology trends.

2? the LED pick and place machine is developing toward the high efficiency production

Today, however, one of the most important characteristics of competition. It’s this competition, inspire people to explore innovation; It’s this competition, promote the development of science and technology with each passing day. In the course LED lighting market in full swing, the LED placement machine of high efficiency work must become its core competitiveness. High efficiency is to raise the production efficiency, reduce working time, increase production, create economic benefits. On the basis of the current main methods of improving efficiency are: strengthening the LED placement machine, automatic performance and improving the device structure and working mode.

3.  the LED pick and place machine intelligent direction development

With the rapid development of Internet technology, the explosive growth of mobile intelligent terminal and consumer groups of young, intelligent is inevitable in the development of electronic industry especially in home appliance industry, the concept of intelligence has been frequently appear in our life, intelligent product is the most promising market in the future. Similarly, in the manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing equipment is the most promising manufacturing technology development.

Intelligent LED SMT machine has the following characteristics: man-machine integration, self-study, self-organization, maintenance, such as self-healing, super flexible, high automation level, improves the mental Labour to reduce the error in the process of production, so as to promote efficiency increase production capacity. Future LED placement machine is on the basis of computer intelligence technology makes his classes with more advanced thinking ability, to stick to the whole process of loading analysis, judgment, reasoning, and decision making, and can through the collection, storage, sharing and inherit the human experts’ intelligent and efficient to quickly provide the most suitable for flexible scheme. LED placement machine, motors and intelligent is bound to the LED production and technology have a great effect in the future.