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2 video to compare manual and automatic component lead cutting for electronic manufacturing PCBA

While decide to purchase SMT Pick and Place Machine ! 
let us instruct you and provide you complete suitable SMT/THT machines according to your choice and requirements with a comprehensive Buyers’s Guide to save your time and Money. To search Out for your company’ which Pick and Place machine is best suited to your production needs – and your Budget. 
Southern Machinery Helps you : 
  • Identify your production requirements and your needs. 
  • Make sense of your equipment specifications. 
  • Calculate your speed and feeder needs. 
  • Create equipment benchmarks and apple to apple comparison of models and brands. 
  • Provides machines and spare parts according to your choice and specifications with a comprehensive Buyers Guide. 
  • Short time delivery period with affordable price. 
  • Training on site from 20- years expert team.
  • Many more ………………..



Electronic component lead cutting by Manual

Automatic Electronic component lead cutting


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