11 common troubleshooting methods for Industrial 4.0 wave soldering machines

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Wave soldering machine is an automatic welding equipment for the electronics production industry, and it is also a necessary equipment for the production of electronics.Automatic production equipment sometimes has different failures after using it for a period of time, especially the failure to pay more attention to maintenance failures.Southern Machinery。wave soldering here to share eleven common wave soldering machine repair methods, and also remind everyone to disconnect the power when repairing the wave soldering line.

First, the temperature of the wave soldering machine is unstable:

Reasons for unstable temperature of wave soldering machine:

① The fan is not turned on

② The thermocouple is not grounded;

③ temperature measurement module;

④ Thermocouple;

Troubleshooting methods:

① Replace the corresponding thermocouple;

② Just turn on the fan

③ Just replace the temperature measurement module;

④ Ground the thermocouple shield wire;

Second, the wave crest of the wave welding machine can not afford:Wave soldering machine can not beat the reasons:

① The tin is not melted;

② The crest leaf pump is mechanically stuck;

③ The motor is damaged;

④ Inverter parameters are missing or damaged;

⑤ The relay is damaged;

⑥ Current limiter overload protection;

7 The tin furnace is economical;

⑧ Thermal compensation tin spill protection;

⑨ PLC module has no analog output;

⑩ The power supply is out of phase.

Troubleshooting methods:

① Wait for the tin to melt completely;

② Carry out according to the specific situation. When it is more serious, take out the whole leaf pump for cleaning, and completely clean the tin slag in the oxidation sleeve. If the bearing is damaged, the bearing needs to be replaced.

③ Replace the wave motor;

④ Reset the parameters of the inverter or replace the inverter;

⑤ Replace the inverter;

⑥ Reset the thermal relay;

7 Set the tin furnace to common type;

⑧ Clean up the thermal compensation tin so that the tin overflow device is in a normal state;

9 Replace the corresponding module;

⑩ Ask customers to solve power problems

Third, the wave soldering machine spray failure problem:

  1. Nozzle of wave soldering machine does not move:

① mechanical stuck;Causes of the mechanical jam of the wave soldering machine nozzle:a. The synchronous wheel of the spray trolley is deformed and severely worn;b, the small bearing in the synchronous wheel is damaged;c. The timing belt is disconnected or too loose;d. The installation of the timing belt and timing wheel is unbalanced;e. The bearing in the same wheel of the timing belt is damaged.Troubleshooting methods:a. Replace the synchronous wheel of the spray trolley;b. Replace small bearings;c. adjustment;d. adjustment;e. Replace.Zh

② The driver is damaged;Wave soldering machine spray driver damage reason: the driver itself is damaged or the driver is protected due to the high temperature of the driver, no outputTroubleshooting method: Replace the driver.Zh

③ The motor is broken;Wave soldering machine spray motor damage reason: The motor itself is broken.Troubleshooting methods: Replace.Zh

④ The wiring is loose.

Wave soldering machine spray head wiring is loose Cause: The wiring at the joint is loose, resulting in poor contact.Troubleshooting method: just adjust it.Zh2. The wave soldering machine cannot spray flux:Wave soldering machine does not spray flux:

① The nozzle is blocked;

② The adjusting nut of the nozzle adjusting flow is locked;

③ trachea rupture;

④ No flux;

⑤ No air supply;

⑥ Broken solenoid valve

Troubleshooting methods:

① Clean and maintain the nozzle;

② Just adjust it;

③ Replace the air pipe;

④ Add flux;

⑤ Turn on the external air source;

⑥ Replace the solenoid valveZh3,

the wave welding machine spray intermittently:Wave welding machine spray intermittent reasons:

① insufficient air pressure;

② Trachea rupture;

③ The nozzle is blocked;


④ Pipes and flow meters are blocked^ ^ ^

Troubleshooting methods:

① adjustment;

② replacement;

③ Clean and maintain the nozzle;

④ Clean pipes and flow metersZh4, the spray is uneven: (all caused by improper adjustment)

Causes of uneven spray of wave soldering machine:

  1. Insufficient air pressure or improper adjustment;
  2. Improper spraying speed;

3.The fine adjustment knob on the print head is not adjusted properlyZhTroubleshooting methods:Adjust the above parameters.Spray size: 3KG / CM2; Needle valve pressure: 4KG / CM2. The spray speed should be based on the size of the PCB. The principle is that the spray speed of the large board is faster.

Fourth, the wave soldering machine transport chain jitter problem: (friction is the root cause of jitter)Causes of wave welding machine chain shake:

① The chain is too tight;

② Poor lubrication;

③ Is the tensioning device of the synchronous chain in the transportation department OK?

④ Whether the claws touch other things;

⑤ rail horn mouth;

⑥ The entrance connection adjustment is unreasonabl















Machine meter loose on transmission g






















shooting methods:

① Adjust the tensioning device at the entrance connection to an appropriate position;② Add moderate high temperature lubricant to the chain once a month;③ Adjust the tensioning device at the transportation place, make sure that it is tensioned, and ensure that it is on the same straight line;④ Check whether all the claws have touched other things, especially the claw washing box and the claws have not touched the corners. Replace the deformed claws;⑤ When there is no PCB board on the track, the chain does not shake, but the board will shake, it means that the rail has the phenomenon of rail flares, and the problem of the rail flares needs to be solved first to solve the problem of jitter.Depending on the situation, remove one or two gears at the screw rod; b. Select a standard PCB board and place it on the track, then turn the screw rod to adjust the front, middle, and rear width of the track to be the same; c.Reset all gears.⑥ A. The two guide rails at the entrance and the two chains of the main rail are not on the same straight line, which will increase the tension and cause jitter. Adjustment method: Take two standard test boards, one on the connection and one on the main.On the chain of the guide rail, adjust the connection so that the two pieces are on the same straight line, and the gap between the two pieces is the same; B, the connection chain is installed too tightly to cause jitter, and adjustment is fine; C, the small chain of the connection chainWheel bearings are damaged or the gaskets in the small sprocket are missing, causing jitter. Replacement and installation can solve the problem Fully check whether the machine meters of the transmission gears at the entrance and the exit are loose. Tighten all machine meters.


5. The wave soldering machine cannot communicate:Wave soldering machine cannot communicate Reason:① The emergency was not popped up;② The PLC switch is not in the RUN state;③ There is a problem with the switching power supply, causing the PLC to not be powered on;④ The parameters of the PC / PPI communication cable are set incorrectly or there are problems;⑤ The control software is not matched or the control software files are lost;Zh

Troubleshooting methods:① You can just pop the emergency;② Put the switch of PLC in RUN state;③ Replace the 24V switching power supply;④ Set the parameters of the PC / PPI communication cable correctly or replace the cables;⑤ Install the supporting software or reinstall the software.

6. The speed of wave soldering machine is unstable:Wave soldering machine speed unstable reason:① Governor or frequency converter;② SX-670 photoelectric sensor and encoder;③ wiring at the connector;④ relay;⑤ Mechanical aspects^ ^ ^Troubleshooting methods:① Adjust or replace the governor and inverter;② SX-670 photoelectric switch and encoder are loose, just adjust it; if it is damaged, it needs to be replaced;③ Adjust the wiring at the connector;④ Replace the relay;⑤ In the mechanical aspect, the chain is too loose to cause tooth jumping, and the gears do not cooperate well. Adjust these aspects.ZhSeven,

wave soldering machine does not heat:Wave soldering machine does not heat up:① The heating pipe is broken;② The wiring at the heating pipe is disconnected;③ The leakage switch trips;④ The thyristor is damaged;⑤ Over-temperature protection;⑥ Whether the control software is in operation mode;

7, PLC has no heating signalTroubleshooting methods:① Just replace the heating tube;② Wiring at the heating pipe;③ Check whether the heating pipe is grounded or the circuit is short-circuited, eliminate the above short-circuits, and then close the leakage switch;④ Just replace the SSR;⑤ Eliminate the fault of over temperature (the temperature control meter parameter is set incorrectly or the bimetal is disconnected). Now the temperature control meter is used for over temperature protection.⑥ Switch the control software to the operation mode;⑦ PLC program failure or PLC hardware failure can be handled accordingly.

8,Low temperature of wave soldering tin furnace:Reasons for low temperature of wave soldering tin furnace:① Some heating pipes are damaged;② Thermocouple problem;③ The thyristor is in a semi-conducting state;④ The fan is not turned on;Troubleshooting methods:① Replace the corresponding heating tube;② Replace the thermocouple;③ Replace the thyristor;④ Just turn on the fan


9, wave soldering machine tin furnace over temperature:Wave soldering machine tin furnace over temperature reasons:① Thermocouple problem;② Thyristor is in a semi-conducting state;③ The fan is not turned on;Troubleshooting methods:① Replace the thermocouple;② Replace the thyristor;④ Just turn on the fan;

10, wave soldering machine wave crest is not high:Wave soldering machine wave peak is not high Reason:① Crest nozzle is blocked;② The liquid level is too low;③ The motor wires are reversed;④ Incorrect parameter setting of the inverter;ZhTroubleshooting methods:① Remove the nozzle and clean the nozzle completely. Method: Soak the opened nozzle in the furnace soak to speed up the cleaning;② Add tin bars;③ Reverse wiring;④ Reset the inverter parameters;

11. The wave soldering machine cannot be started:Wave soldering machine can not start Reason:① Power problem;② UPS③ The time is not set;④ relay;⑤ transformer;⑥ Computer failure;Troubleshooting methods:① The air switch is not closed or there is a problem with the customer’s power supply;② Replace the UPS or temporarily replace it with an external power supply;③ Set the time sincerely;④ Replace the transformer;⑤ Replace the relay;⑥ In terms of computer, there are: operating system is lost, hard disk is damaged, memory module is loose or damaged, and motherboard is damaged.



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