1 picture show you what is printed circuit boards (PCBs) for Electronice Manufacturing SMT

The single moveable unit that is populated with components. Includes printed circuit boards (PCBs) and substrates. See also circuit, pallet

A reference point on a board from which all board coordinates are measured. Usually lower left corner of board, but can be anywhere on the board

Smallest functional unit that is populated with components. A board can consist of several circuits. See also board, pallet

A dimension that defines the location of a point on a surface. A coordinate is measured from the right angle intersection of two lines. This is known as a Cartesian plane. The horizontal line is called the X axis, and the vertical line is called the Y axis. Coordinates are always displayed with the X coordinate first followed by the Y coordinate (X, Y). Typically on SMT equipment as viewed from the front, X is left to right, and Y is front to back

The distance between machine zero (known reference point on a machine) and board zero (known reference point on a board)

The distance between the board zero point and a reference point on a repeating circuit

Pallet Rectangular frame-like device used to carry a board (often odd shaped) through the assembly process. Also used to provide a common board transport width through the assembly line. See also board, circuit

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