Universal track feeder 45711101 for tube component

Track Feeder supports and positions component tubes for transport to the machine pick position. The track feeder is comprised of a track assembly and the feeder base assembly。
Procedures and Adjustments
The following subsections contain the setup and maintenance procedures that are required for proper track feeder operation. Note that track assemblies are available both with and without an attachment called an isolator. The isolator relieves the level of pressure placed on components, making pick-up by the GSM machine easier. Attaching a Track Assembly With an Isolator Feeder Base Assembly Cover Pneumatic Ports Track Mount Dowel Pins Interface Assembly Track Assembly Isolator Attach a track assembly with an isolator to a track feeder using this procedure. This procedure assumes that you’ve been using a track assembly that does not have an isolator, and that this track assembly is still attached to the track feeder base assembly. If you’re merely replacing one track assembly that has an isolator with a similar track assembly, execute Step 1 of this procedure, omit Steps 2 through 4, and continue with Step 5.

1. Loosen the screws holding the track assembly to the track feeder base assembly, and remove the track assembly.
2. Remove the screws from the feeder cover, and remove the cover from the base machining.

3. Place the interface assembly on top of the track feeder base assembly, centering the interface assembly over the track mount.

4. Connect the two interface assembly air hoses to the valve assembly coupler’s pneumatic ports.

5. Place the new track assembly over the interface assembly and onto the track feeder base assembly. In doing so, position the track assembly so that it fits over the track mount dowel pins.

6. Now, position the interface assembly so that it fits snugly against the track assembly, paying particular attention to achieve a good fit at the end of the track assembly where the isolator is located.

7. Screw the new track assembly to the track feeder base assembly. Torque the screws to 5 inch-pounds.

8. Place the feeder cover back onto the base machining, and screw it securely into place.

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