The First Reed Switch Auto Insertion Machine in the World Hits the Market

The First Reed Switch Auto Insertion Machine in the World Hits the Market

Reed Switches, or Herkons, are extremely useful for many electronic applications. Reed Switches work by means of magnetism in reed relays and for electrical circuit control. In the presence of a magnetic field the reed will either open or close, depending on it’s original positioning and purpose. They are extremely useful as they are hermetically sealed and can operate in almost any environment.

Made for highly reliable switching, major advantages to Reed Switches include their capability for low contact resistance, do not require a supply current, offer non-touch switching, no minimum switching current necessary for them to function, except for Tungsten contact materials. In addition, Reed Switches are highly economical, suitable for many harsh environments, and deliver billions of operations throughout their lifetime.

Common applications for Reed Switches include gear speed and direction sensing, window and door sensors for security alarms, bridge operator controls in airplane docking, safety vane sensor applications, high voltage relays in the power industry, fuel pumping stations sensors, ferrous part detection, and hibernation mode sensing when laptops are closed. There are many more growing applications for the very useful Reed Switch.

Reed Switch insertion into PCBs have historically been conducted by means of manual labor, by hand. As Auto Insertion mechanisms have advanced, there are new technologies on the market that can accommodate these highly useful switches via automated machines. Through Hole Technologies (THT) have advanced to now offer mechanized equipment to automate an assembly line that requires Reed Switch insertion. The first ever Reed Switch Machine is now available on the market for production assembly and auto insertion uses. This will make electronic products requiring Reed Switches easier to produce, faster, and more affordable for an entire manufacturing production.

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