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nozzles cleaner

In the process of SMT, the suction nozzle is quite easily adhered with solder paste or dirt etc. If maintenance has not been done for a long time or the cleaning is not thorough enough while maintaining it, the paste and dirt will be hardened so as to increase the difficulty of cleaning, even it will result in blockage and scraps after long-time accumulation. It practically proves that the S-U24cleaning machine can effectively deal with inflexible solder paste and thoroughly clean the suction nozzle with complex structure.


Equipment size     L× W×H (mm) 505 ×570 ×500
Equipment weight quality 70KG
Cleaning liquor   Cleaning liquor type Industrial purify water
consumption 400CC/H
Liquid used Air source Compressed air
Pressure range 0.5 -0.6Mpa(While cleaning)
Jet pressure 0.4Mpa
Air consumption 280NL/min.or less
Power Voltage AC200-240V
Rated power consumption Max. 200W
Suction nozzle tray Specification Default 24 positions
Object to be cleaned Mounting nozzle  01005-2125

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