SMT and Auto Insertion Machine Critical 1 Spare Parts Definition

Critical 1 Spare Parts Definition

What are Critical 1 Spare Parts?

Critical 1 (C1) parts are parts that may fail with no warning, may not show signs of wear, or may cause other parts to fail.  They cause a machine failure with no work around.  These are the parts that most concern our customers as their failure can stop a production line.  

C1 parts are identified by engineering and product support teams during the product development/introduction process.  

C1 lists are generated and tracked as part of the development cycle and are made available prior to shipments of production volumes to customers.

As a guideline C1 parts will not be duplicated in RPKs.  There may be exceptions that will require cross functional agreement.  

What is NOT typically considered a Critical 1 Spare Part:

Consumables or wear parts

High usage spares

Exceptionally robust parts or assemblies

General Hardware (typically) 

What is the key difference between Critical 1 and Replacement Parts Kits (RPK)?

Replacement parts kits (RPK) include items customers are expected to need within 6 months of use.  Examples of parts in the RPK includes consumables items, wearable parts and predictable failures.  

Typical RPK items:


Light bulbs


Wearable tooling

Hardware associated with general maintenance

AI spare parts、Universal Parts,UIC,TDK.VCD
AI spare parts、Universal Parts,UIC,TDK.VCD

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