S7000 Series—Odd Form Insertion Machine



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The Description


The S7000 can  be a vairiety of touch switches or power strip and other electronic components vibration plate shaped directional sorting through and enter into the plug head,and then press it to the scheduled program 12000 points,the exact hour speed was inserted into the PCB application software is based  on a simple English WINDOWS 2000 system,user interface and easy to understand and realize the man-machine interface dialogue,combined with practical experience and scientific theory to give you the product quality and producton efficency improvement.

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Technical Paremeters

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Insertion rate  12000 PCS/H
Non-Performing Rate Less than 500PPM
Insertiin direction 0º,90º,180º
PCB size 450*450mm(Max)
PCB Thickness 0.79-2.36mm
Inserter Axles Quantity 2-3PCS
Machine size 1800*1800*1600mm(L*W*H)
Machine weight 750KG
Power supply 220v, AC(single phase) 50/60Hz,2KW(Saving-energy)
System Protection UPS,keeping machine running 15minutes without power
Powers 0.96KW(Saving-energy)
Air Pressure 0.4-0.6MPA, 0.3m3/minutes
Machine Noise 50dB
Circumstance Temperature 5-25℃
Hole Correct ways Feelling machine system,identify MARK points Feelling correct
Driving  System AC servo, AC motor
Control System English version  WINDOWS control system platform,LCD monitor
Date Input Ways USB interface input (EXCEL perform)
Platform Running Ways Lockwise and un-Lockwise
PCB Transportation Ways Auto/Manual selectable
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Applicable Products


1.Bulk Plug;     2.Touching Switch;     3.Others ( can customize what you need).

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Applicatio Industries


1.Home Electronics;   2. LED lighting;   3.Power Supply   ;    4.Others.

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