S2000-Axial Insertion Machine


Function Feature                                                                                                                 

  • Can insert the axial componets at high performance.
  • Combining with the function of inserting the jumper wire.
  • With the unique servo control system.
  • High efficienty at the outstanding inserting of high speed and high density.
  • Base on Windows Operating System Platform.
  • USB interface output/input designed, the data form use for EXCEL ,ensure to understanding and easier studing.

Technial Parameters                                                                                                            

S2000 Paremeters

Insertion Rate 20000PCS/H
Non-performing Less than 200PPM
Insertion Direction 0°  90° 180°  270° 
PCB size 50MM*50MM(Min),450MM*450MM(Max)
PCB Thickness 0.8MM-2.36MM
Components Types Capacitors, Resistors, Transistors, Diodes,etc

(Must be taping packed electronic components)

Jumper Wire Bulk jumper wire dispenser system processes the jumper wire from a contunuous spool of wire
Clinch Length 1.2-2.2MM(adjustable)
Clinch Degree 10°-35°(adjustable)
Machine Size 1800*1600*1800MM
Machine Weight 700KG
Power Supply 220v,ACsingle phase 50/60Hz ,1.5KVA
System Protection UPS Keeping the machine running 15 minutes without power
Working Power 120W (Energy-saving)
Air pressure 0.5MPa
Air consumption 0.2㎡/minute
Circumstance Temperatue 5℃-25℃
Machine Noise 65dB
Bord Error Correction Machine vision systems,multi points MARK vision correction
Driving System AC Servo,AC Motors


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