We design and manufacture Auto Insertion and SMT Machines for Electronic PCB Assembly -SMT Auto Splicing Machine



The equipment of SMT Auto Splicing Machine Introduction

SMT Auto Splicing Machine can automatically detect the position of empty material, cut accurately and connect automatically to the head and tail of two coils of the same size, and it is easy to operate by automatically wrapping tape to connect the feeder with SMT. Greatly improve speed, save manpower and improve production efficiency. Specialized in SMT automatic production line without downtime quick refueling.

SMT Auto Splicing Machine Technical parameters

Characteristics of the equipment

1.Save people

To improve the efficiency of the operation and the success rate of material. reduce the production line personnel more than 30%.

  1. Reduce the familiarity of the equipment

Easy to operate 2 minutes to learn

  1. Error proof material

The equipment can directly connect to the MES system,or it can use the self-contained independent material contrast system to recover the cost of the equipment in .

4.12 months cost-recovering

The moving rate of the equipment can be increased by more than 6%, and the bulk material can be docked continuously.

Anti-error material 6 seconds principle

1,The confirmation signal between the confirmation signal of the new tray and the receiving device and the confirmation signal between the new and old trays of the MES system should be controlled within 6 seconds. Once the employee finds that the scan has not passed, if the new tray is replaced privately, the time will be more than 6 seconds, and the device will alarm. The upper level manager is involved.

2,Once the tray is hung on the tray, it cannot be removed before the new and old strips are connected. If the material is found to be incorrect on the device and removed, the system will issue an alarm! The upper level manager is involved.



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