SIR7000B SMT Inelligent Reel Storage Torlley


The core competitiveness of SMT automation equipment has also been continuously enhanced, reducing labor costs and increasing personal output has become the main theme of SMT manufacturing. Before the SMT equipment is patched, the operator needs to put the reel on the correct feeder car, and then put the feeder on the appropriate SMT equipment station. In this process, the wrong reel or the wrong feeder is often used. Since the SMT equipment runs continuously at high speed, if this error cannot be avoided in advance, it will cause rework or scrapping, which will bring huge losses to the enterprise, and intelligent SMT reel rack is a high volume ratio rack for storing SMT chip devices. When loading, the reel are placed in the corresponding card positions in sequence according to the tray, and the LED indicators on the shelves are bound by the corresponding relationship of the QR code of the reel number/card position. The ERP/MES system of the docking enterprise automatically realizes the operation of fast sending and receiving materials according to the light instructions.
The traditional SMT reel storage material management requires high operator skills and is prone to errors, and more types of reels require more and larger storage locations. Finding reels, picking reels, and verifying all require a lot of manual operations, and the efficiency of reel delivery is low. In the process of production and delivery, when the reel is dismantled and returned, a large number of tail stocks will be generated. The storage operation requires a large number of points, platters and other operations, which are difficult to manage in the warehouse. The intelligent SMT reel storage system stands out in the reel warehouse management with the characteristics of compatibility, scalability, safety and reliability, easy operation and maintainability.


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