S-MUL350 Mini PCB unloader SMT unloader with small footprint


Mini PCB Unloader SMT unloader with small footprint

It’s suitable for SMT, FPC production line, providing semi-automatic unloading, a small volume designed to save space.

The advantage of Mini unloader

1, small footprint.
2, The conveyor belt can continuously transport PCB up.
3, It can adjust PCB automatically when PCB is tilted.

The disadvantage

No magazine, so it will need operators to unload PCB from the track.


SMT mini PCB unloader
SMT mini PCB unloader


  • Small footprint
    Easy to operate key control interface
    Closed fuselage structure ensures safe operation
    Smooth and parallel width adjustment (leadscrew)
    Fast, stable and accurate retrieval positioning
    Double circulation tank chain structure
    SMEMA compatible

Technical parameters

  • Transfer direction:L to R or specify R to L
    Transport height:900mm ±20mm
    Conveyor speed: 6 seconds
    Power supply:110 VAC or 220VAC/50 Hz/1 Ph
    Power consumption:100VA max.
    Belt type: ESD flat belt
    PCB max weight: ≤2kg


Model Dimension (L*W*H.MM) PCB size(MM) Weight(KG) Max PCB capacity
S-MUL250 600*475*1400 50*50- 330*250 100KG 50pcs (Cyclic)
S-MUL350 700*650*1400 50*50- 445*350 110KG 50pcs (Cyclic)


Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 50 × 66.5 × 90 cm