S-7000T Terminal Insertion Machine

High speed:5000-6000 CPH

Stability: Servo Control

Safety: Pass the IPC-9704 stress-test standard

Windows 10 or Software based in Windows

Insertion height control

Terminal Feed Control

Lead time =  60 days

ROI: One year



Tape terminals that can be handled:

Zierick terminal P/N 1021/6021/1198/6198

TE Connectivity TAB, FASTON 6.35mm [.250in] or 4.75mm [.187in]

Tab Fit (mm [in]) = 6.35(±0.07mm) x 0.81(±0.03mm) [.250(±0.03 in) x .032(±0.001 in)

Pitch: 0.2 in (5.08 mm)

Insertion rates up to 2 per second at 0.2 in (5.08 mm) pitch.

Up to 4 different compo­nents can be applied in one machine Apply products at up to 4 different angles

insertion verifi­cation, and Inward clinching/Outward clinching/”N”. (Optional)

Windows-based operating system

Quick change head system, allow production flexibility. (Optional)

Able to process any manufacturer’s reeled through-hole

Visual system: Industrial specialized high definition camera and the development of automatic visual correction software of vision system, automatic correction, insertion accurately

Operating system: Industrial computer + motion control card. Windows environment to run the operation of the software, the production data, management data, equipment parameters, all I/O signal diagnosis, etc. can be finished on the host.

PCB board handling equipment(loader+unloader machine) ready for Industrial 4.0.

Pass the IPC-9704 stress-test standard to ensure that the stress value of each insertion is within ±400ue

Machine specifications

Equipment size  1700mm*1300mm*1600mm (2 heads)
Packaging  Tape terminal, bulk terminal
Equipment weight  1200KG
PCB size 380mm*280mmm (enlarged size can be customized)
Number of insertion heads 1-4 Optional
terminal thickness ≥0.5mm  ≤1.2mm
Vertical error ≤0.8°
PCB requirements The insertion hole is 0.5±0.1mm larger than the component foot
Insertion angle  360°( increment 1°)
Body distance The distance between the components ≥ 2mm
Clinch  Inward clinching/Outward clinching/”N”
Humidity  30%-70%
Display system  17-inch color LCD monitor
Feeding system Tape feeder or Bowl feeder + feeding guide
Motion accuracy  0.001mm/pulse
Motion system  Panasonic controller, motor
Programming function  Online visual programming, visual correction, EXCEL
Data import  USB interface import, manual entry
Communication interface  RS-232C (can be connected to MES system)
Power Single 220V/AC, 50/60HZ, 2KVA

Feeding and Cutting system

The design tape feeder according to the terminal width:

Insertion system and Clinching system

Design insertion head according to the terminal thickness:














insertion verifi­cation, and Inward clinching/Outward clinching/”N”. (Optional)

Software programming system

The main operation interface is divided into the following six areas from top to bottom, left and right.

Operation panel area/ Image and video area/ Production data area /Program display area /Status prompt area /Set up ribbon

Application industry

Home appliance industry.The car industry. The power industry. Other electronics industry: digital watches, electronic components, etc


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