CTA To Insertion Head Alignment Adjustment

The following adjustment aligns the CTA to the insertion head tooling.
Insert Head Up Adjustment
Insertion Head Centering Adjustment
Sequencer Chain is in zero position
1. Using IM Diagnostics, select Quickstart option 2, Set Up Critical
Axis Positions.
2. Zero the Head Theta axis, then go to At Zero.
3. Zero the Head Vertical axis.
4. Zero the Head Insert axis, then go to Retracted position.
5. In the Head Vertical window, go to Full Up.
6. Install the setup tool in the insert tooling guide jaw.Page 7
Component Transfer Assembly Procedures 52788501 Rev. –
7. Manually hold the latch open in order to avoid contact with the leads
on the setup tool. Extend the CTA component transfer to the head.
Set-up Tool
8. With the CTA extended to the insertion head tooling and the set-uptool in the guide jaw, check the alignment of the grooves in the bottom
guide to the leads on the set-up-tool. The leads should be seated in the
bottom of the "V" slots. If they are, there is no need for further
adjustment. If not go to the next step.

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