3D Viewing SMT spare parts in THT PCB Machine

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We  Provide different spare parts and wearing parts of different brands and models.(UIC,TDK,Panasonic,Samsung,Fuji,Juki,SIMMENS……) Only need to tell us your parts‘ machine model and P/N. Fuji TDK Juki Samsung YAMAHA  UIC Panasonic


Why Choice Us?

  • We owning 10 years experience in providing SMT/EMS services.
  • Familiar design and engineering capability both on Hardware and software.
  • Successful design experience in SMT line.
  • Lean manufacturing.
  • High mixed, high value, low volume business expertise service.
  • Flexible operation, fast response and total satisfaction.
  • Good after-sales and extra value creation services including logistics support, valet procurement, supplier audit service and in factory office offering.

How to print soldering flux on the bottom pad of BGA

How to print soldering flux on the bottom pad of BGA

In general, Use flux soldering of high viscosity, to splice and process, should ensure that the printing pattern is clear, the overflow flux.

Sometimes,solder paste can be replaced by solder paste, and the metal component of solder paste should be matched with the metal component of solder ball.

When printing, BGA special small template is used. The thickness and opening size of the template should be determined according to the ball diameter and the ball distance.

After printing, the printing quality must be checked. If it is unqualified, it must be printed again after cleaning.

PCB Loader/Unloader The latest introduction to 2017

PCB  loader/unloader

The latest introduction of PCB loader/unloader 2017

Characteristics of the equipment.

PCB Automatic UNloader PCB conveyor

1.Special aluminum alloy mechanism to better understand the operation status of magazines.

  1. Stable casting platform structure design, improve the stability of equipment 0.3. Panasonic PLC control, multi-function circuit and program design, performance stability, ensure the smooth and smooth production line.
  2. Humanized programming, 4 kinds of PITCH selection, can set the step distance of receiving/transmitting PCB.

  3. Standard SMEMA communication interface, which can communicate with other automation equipment.

  4. The material box shall be transported by the engineering plate.

  5. Adjustable push plate speed control.

  6. Three-point positioning type upper and lower pneumatic clamping, ensure the location of the material box is accurate.

  7. Push plate protection system to ensure that PCB board is not crushed, reducing process loss. This equipment adopts SMT circuit board production line operation

PCB size: (mm):   50 x50~330 x445
Working height (mm): 900 + 20 (STD)
groove Change time:   bout 6 seconds
The machine size :1650(L)845(W)1250(H)
Step selection: mm
Power supply:  AC 110/220v plus or minus 10V, 50/60hz knife bank
Dimensions (L * W * H, MM) : 355 (L) * 320 (W) * 565 (H)
Air pressure and gas flow : 4-6bar / 10 litres/min
Weight (KG):140 kg

自动装载机 PCB loader


This equipment is used SMT circuit board production line operating upper and lower plates

PCB SIZE:(mm):50×50~330×250
Working height (mm):900±20(std)
Tank replacement time: about 6 seconds
Machine dimensions:1920(L)845(W)1250(H)

Step Select: mm
Power Supply: AC 110/220V±10V, 50/60HZ
Magazine size (LWH,MM):355(L)320(W)565(H)
Barometric pressure and gas flow rate: 4-6bar/up to 10 l / min
Weight (KG):260KG

PCB Automatic UNloader
PCB Automatic UNloader


SMT loader

SMT loader
This equipment is used SMT circuit board production line operating upper and lower plates
AI smt线
AI smt line           

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