Why It Is Good to Invest In Machines?

Most of our customers use financing rather than capital outlays to grow their manufacturing business, and they have a number of smart reasons for doing so:


Companies can spend $10k and more a month contracting out their manufacturing, but you can typically bring an SMT assembly line in-house for a third of that when you lease or finance your line, and many companies already have a person on payroll who can operate the equipment.


Financing typically requires fewer internal approvals than a capital purchase, making it the faster and easier route to an assembly line install or upgrade.


Rather than waiting until the money is there for a major capital outlay, with financing you can start the ball rolling on ordering, receiving, and installing your new equipment right away, allowing your company to benefit from increased capacity and capability much sooner than you might have otherwise.


Financing gives you more purchasing power than a cash purchase. This means you can focus more on your goals than your budget.


With a cash purchase comes the temptation to reduce costs, sometimes causing essential aspects like installation and training to be cut, but installation and training can have a big impact on how quickly your new equipment or production line gets up and running. Financing allows you to roll this cost into your payments.


Making a large cash investment in your production line leaves you with less ability to put that money to other strategic uses, such as growing sales and increasing inventory.


With financing, your new equipment becomes a regular monthly expense item in the budget.


At the end of your lease term, equipment can be purchased at fair market value, upgraded, or swapped.

What is the lowest cost Intelligent SMT reel storage racks solution?


Simplifies receiving, storage and retrieval
Delivers full traceability
Automatically monitors stock levels

The SMT intelligent electronic material rack is a high floor area ratio shelf used to store the SMT patch devices.When loading, the materials are placed in the corresponding card position according to the plate, bind the LED indicator on the shelf through the corresponding relationship of the QR code of the material number / card position, and the ERP / MES system of the docking enterprise will automatically realize the operation of sending and receiving materials according to the light indication.
Delivery time is saved from two hours to 15 minutes, efficiency increase 8 times
Each shelf can store 1,400 plates of materials disorderly, and save the inventory area by 40%
The location of each item is quickly checked, and the inventory time can be reduced from 2 days to 2 hours
Material / warehouse / work order / station automatic binding, feeding and feeding process can prevent rigidity and error

3D PCBA model view SMT THT product

We design and manufacture SMT/Auto Insertion PCB assembly machine for smart SMT factory in Shenzhen China. We help companies looking to low cost equipment with intellegent, ROI-driven assembly equipment solutions. Please take a look below 3D PCBA model and talk to us today to learn how we can help you。 info@smthelp.com


SMT THT PCB boards

3D view SMT THT machine and spare parts model



THT Auto Insertion machine
1,Auto Insertion Axial Radial Oddform Production line.html

2,SLD250+S3010A+S7040T(tray feeder)+SULD250
AI machine production line.html


3,SLD250 S4020A+S3010A SULD250 AI machine
production line.html


4,S7000 Oddform insertion 3 bowl feeder.html

5,S-7040T Oddform insertion w Tray


6,S-7040 Oddform insertion w 4 bowl


7,Odd form insertion Feeders w



1,Bowl Radial reel feeder w JUKI cart.html

2,JUKI Radial tape L lead feeder .html

3,SMT tube feeder.html


4,SMT tray feeder -B.html

5,SMT label feeder.html

6,SMT Tray feeder.html


1,SMT nozzle list 1.html

2,Juki Nozzle 500 Assembly.html

AI Spare Parts
1, Panasonic AI Spare parts

2,UIC Radial Carrier Clip.html

3,UIC Radial Feeder and Carrier Clip (1).html

4,UIC spare parts list 3.html

Southern Machinery design and manufacturing SMT machine in Shenzhen China



We specialize in Auto Insertion machine and SMT equipments, provide spare parts, sub-assembly, retrofit kit, repair kit, upgrading, training, overhaul service,  quality problem free replacement.And we will provide customers with high quality after-sales service, free technical support etc, welcome inquiry: info@smthelp.com

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A difference between Electric Stencil Cleaner(SME-800) and Pneumatic Stencil Cleaner(SME-750)

SME800 Electric Stencil Cleaning Machine
SME800 Electric Stencil Cleaning Machine

S-1688 Pneumatic Stencil Cleaning Machine
S-1688 Pneumatic Stencil Cleaning Machine

Comparison list

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3D SMT machine drawing supporting Smart EMS factory

The unit loads your production line automatically by pushing PCB’s out of a magazine onto the conveyor of the down-stream machine



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3D RS-1 Vibration Feeder

3D SMT PCB conveyor

3D SMT PCB Magazine

3D Southern Machinery logo

3D UIC Radial taped feeder housing

3D JUKI Gripper nozzle

How to make SMT stencil by Laser cutting machine for EMS factory

[embeddoc url=”https://www.smthelp.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/SMT-stencil-laser-making-machine.pdf” download=”all”]SMT stencil production process (reference)

General technical requirements:
1. Screen frame: The frame size is determined according to the requirements of the printing machine. Taking DEK265 and MPM UP 3000 as an example, the frame size is 29ˊ
29ˊ, using aluminum alloy, frame profile specification is 1.5ˊ 1.5ˊ.

  1. Stretching the net: Adopt the red glue + aluminum tape method, at the junction of the aluminum frame and the glue, a layer of protective paint must be evenly scraped. At the same time, in order to ensure that the screen has sufficient tension and good flatness, it is recommended that the stainless steel plate be kept 25mm-50mm away from the inside of the screen frame.
  2. Reference point: According to the size and shape provided by the PCB information, the opening is 1: 1, and the translucent is engraved on the reverse side of the printing. At the corresponding coordinates, the entire PCB opens at least two reference points.

  3. Opening requirements: 1.41. The position and size ensure a high opening accuracy, and the opening is strictly in accordance with the prescribed opening method. 1.42. The size of the independent opening cannot be too large, the width cannot be greater than 2mm, and a 0.4mm bridge is required in the middle of the pad size greater than 2mm, so as not to affect the strength of the stencil.
    1.43. The opening area must be centered.

  4. Characters: In order to facilitate production, it is recommended to engrave the following characters in the lower left or lower right corner of the screen: Model; T; Date; the name of the company that made the screen.

  5. Stencil thickness: In order to ensure the amount of solder paste printing and welding quality, the surface of the stencil is smooth and even, and the thickness is uniform. The stencil thickness refers to the above table. The stencil thickness should meet the premise of the finest pitch QFP BGA. If there are 0.5mmQFP and CHIP 0402 components on the PCB, the stencil thickness is 0.12mm; if there are 0.5mmQFP and CHIP 0603 or more components on the PCB, the stencil thickness is 0.15mm;

The opening shape and size requirements of printed tin screen:

  1. General principle: According to the requirements of the IPC-7525 steel mesh design guide, in order to ensure that the solder paste can be smoothly released from the opening of the stencil to the PCB pad, in the opening of the stencil  to view polyester 1. The area ratio / width-to-thickness ratio area ratio is greater than 0.66 2. The mesh hole wall is smooth. Especially for QFP and CSP with a pitch of less than 0.5mm, suppliers are required to perform electro-polishing during the manufacturing process. 3.) With the printing surface as the upper side, the lower opening of the mesh opening should be 0.01mm or 0.02mm wider than the upper opening, that is, the opening is inverted tapered, which facilitates the ineffective release of solder paste and reduces the number of times of cleaning the stencil. Normally, the size and shape of the opening of the SMT element is the same as the pad, and the opening is 1: 1. Under special circumstances, for some special SMT components, the size and shape of the screen openings are specified.
    No. 2 Special SMT component screen opening:

2.1CHIP components: CHIP components above 0603, in order to effectively prevent the generation of tin beads.

2.2SOT89 components: Due to the large pad and small pad spacing between components, soldering quality problems such as tin beads are prone to occur.

2.3 SOT252 component: Because SOT252 has a large pad, it is easy to produce tin beads, and the reflow soldering tension causes displacement.
Look 2.4IC: A. For the standard pad design, PITCH》 = 0.65mm IC, the opening width is 90% of the pad width, and the length is unchanged.
B. For the standard pad design, IC with PITCH <= 005mm, because of its small PITCH, it is easy to produce bridging, the length direction of the steel mesh opening is unchanged, the opening width is 0.5PITCH, and the opening width is 0.25mm.
2.5 Other situations: One pad is too large, usually one side is greater than 4mm, and the other side is not less than 2.5mm, in order to prevent the generation of tin beads and displacement caused by the effect of tension, the mesh opening is recommended to be divided by grid lines In this way, the grid line width is 0.5mm and the grid size is 2mm, which can be evenly divided according to the pad size.

The shape and size requirements of the opening of the printed rubber screen: glue is used for simple PCB assembly. Dispensing is preferred. CHIP, MELF, SOT components are printed through the screen, and IC is used to avoid glue scraping. Here, only the recommended opening size and opening shape of CHIP, MELF and SOT offset printing plates are given.
1. Two diagonal positioning holes must be opened at the diagonal of the stencil. Select FIDUCIAL MARK to open the hole.

  1. The openings are all elongated. Inspection method 1) Visually check that the opening is centered and the net is flat. 2) Check the correctness of the stencil opening through the PCB entity. 3) Examine the length and width of the screen opening and the smoothness of the hole wall and the surface of the steel sheet with a scaled high power microscope. 4) The thickness of the steel sheet is verified by detecting the thickness of the solder paste after printing tin, that is, the result verification. Conclusion The technical requirements for screen design have been tested for a period of time, and the print quality has been well controlled. The PPM of SMT welding quality has dropped from about 1300ppm to about 130ppm. Due to the development of the packaging direction of modern electronic components, higher requirements have also been placed on the design of steel mesh. Is a subject that we need to focus on in the future


Automotive electronics PCB PCBA cleaning method, cleaning process, PCBA cleaning machine, flux cleaning (1)_副本

SMT small company survival magic weapon! Multi frequency, small batch,flexibility

SMT (Surface Mount Technology), or surface mount technology, is one of the most popular technologies and processes in the electronics assembly industry. In the Pearl River Delta represented by Shenzhen, the electronics and information industry is developed and the industry chain is complete. It is a veritable factory in the world.

Automotive electronics PCB PCBA cleaning method, cleaning process, PCBA cleaning machine, flux cleaning (1)_副本

As the market environment changes and technology changes, in order to meet the increasingly personalized needs of end customers, manufacturers are constantly improving their products, constantly innovating according to market needs, and developing trendy styles and functions to adapt to the current market demand. In order to be able to quickly respond to market diversified and uncertain needs and quickly provide products that meet customer needs, “short, flat, and fast” has become an important feature of production sites during this period, on time, quality, quantity and at a minimum cost Manufacturing products that meet customer needs has become the goal of production management, but progress is seemingly more and more difficult due to resource constraints such as limited skilled personnel and tight equipment. In this case, SMT production is now in a state of small batches and multiple varieties. Because of the inherent production characteristics of the SMT production line, it uses the best production efficiency in large batches. Therefore, for small batches and multiple varieties, there are multiple line changes to complete the production conversion of the product. The SMT line is in an intermittent production state. The increase has caused problems in the production efficiency of the SMT line.

Benefits of small batches and multiple varieties

1.Improve adaptability to changes in demand
Small batch, single piece delivery
Reduce job preparation time
Multi-skilled employees
In-process quality assurance system
Generalization of equipment and tooling

  1. Make manufacturing issues and their weaknesses visible
    Quality failure
    Equipment failure
    Workload imbalance
    Turnover time
  2. Eliminate waste caused by improper production management and reduce production management costs
    Material waiting due to improper production management
    Unnecessary model changes due to improper production management
    Increase in indirect operations due to improper production management

4.Improve the adaptability of manufacturing to short delivery time
Eliminate stagnation (things / information)
Reduce the number of intermediate work in process

Characteristics of small batches and multiple varieties

Multi-variety parallel

Because many enterprises’ products are configured for customers, different products have different needs, and the resources of enterprises are among multiple varieties.

Resource sharing
Every task in the production process requires resources, but the resources that can be used in the actual process are very limited. For example, the problem of equipment conflicts often encountered in the production process is caused by the sharing of project resources. Therefore, limited resources must be properly allocated to meet project needs.

  1. Uncertainty of order result and production cycle
    Due to the instability of customer needs, the clearly defined nodes are inconsistent with the complete cycle of human, machine, material, method, ring, etc., the production cycle is often uncertain, and projects with insufficient cycles require more resources. , Increasing the difficulty of production control.
  • Material requirements change, resulting in serious procurement delays
    Due to the insertion or change of orders, it is difficult for external processing and procurement to reflect the order delivery time. Supply risks are extremely high due to small quantities and a single source of supply.

  • three
    Difficulties in small batch and multi-variety production

    1. Dynamic process path planning and deployment of virtual unit lines: emergency insertion, equipment failure, and bottleneck drift.
    2. Identification and drift of bottlenecks: before and during production
    3. Multi-level bottlenecks: bottlenecks on assembly lines, bottlenecks on virtual lines of parts, how to coordinate and couple.
    4. Buffer size: either backlog or poor interference resistance. Production batch, transfer batch, etc.
    5. Production scheduling: not only consider bottlenecks, but also the impact of non-bottleneck resources.

    Many varieties and small batch production models will also encounter many problems in enterprise practice, such as:
    Multi-variety and low-batch production, mixed scheduling is difficult
    Unable to deliver on time, too much “fire fighting” overtime
    Order requires too much follow-up
    Frequent changes in production priorities, the original plan could not be implemented
    Increasing inventory but often lacking critical materials
    The production cycle is too long, the lead time is infinitely expanded

    ▎How to implement automatic upgrade has become a trouble for OEM companies

    The electronic information industry is still a pillar industry in Shenzhen, with an industrial scale of more than 1.200 billion yuan, accounting for about 1/7 of the national electronic information manufacturing revenue. In Shenzhen, there are a large number of leading electronic information companies such as Huawei, ZTE, and TCL, as well as a large number of small-scale lean manufacturing and processing enterprises that were born in response to the needs of the times.

    Due to the production characteristics of traditional foundry companies, “different bills of materials for each order, different production processes, different cleaning standards, different packaging requirements, and different labeling specifications”, unlike large factories that do standard products, they can be automated on a large scale upgrade.

    How to use industrial robots, advanced automation management platforms, and information technology to help these enterprises achieve flexible production and agile manufacturing are the topics they care about in common.

    Under the pressure, many traditional OEM companies have begun to transform to ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), and gradually pay attention to independent intellectual property rights, start to make innovative products, and start to develop independent brands.

    ▎ Machine substitution may be a “beautiful trap”, how to realize flexible production is the key

    China’s Industry 4.0, like an aircraft carrier, propels China forward. For these small and small batch OEM companies, after experiencing the “prosperity era” brought by the demographic dividend, they are also thinking about how to take the road of independent innovation.

    Perhaps many OEM companies rely on the channel advantages accumulated over many years of operation and the natural industrial chain advantages of the Pearl River Delta. But the demographic dividend is no longer, the cost advantage is no longer, and the rise and penetration of the Internet has also led to major changes in production methods, management concepts, production equipment, and even raw materials. These factors have begun to cause some entrepreneurs to worry about the future.

    “Without the independent innovation of Chinese companies, we can only be a world factory. Without trial and error and iteration of research and development, we will never have our own core technology.”

    How to innovate? Is machine substitution really the general trend?

    For these manufacturers, there may be pitfalls in purely pursuing “machine substitution” oriented by automated equipment, mass production, and reduced manufacturing costs. Because for them, the key to “machine substitution” is how to implement software flexibility, agile programming, or automatic programming, just like “quick mode change” in TPS (transaction processing system).

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    How to 5S SMT pick and place machine in Smart EMS factory

    The Scrap Tape Cutter is designed to cut off scrap of reel tape (8mm~44mm )and
    collect them in a dump box for ease of disposal.


    Do not put objects other than reel tape in the cutter unit.

    Use caution with long hair and when wearing loose clothing

    near the cutter unit.

    Unplug the unit when performing maintenance of the


    Do not operate the machine near flammable gas.

    Do not open/disassemble the cutter unit while the machine

    is operating


    Follow all safety labels on the cutter unit.


    Automotive electronics PCB PCBA cleaning method, cleaning process, PCBA cleaning machine, flux cleaning

    How to distinguish between PCBA board cleaning and non-washing in automotive electronics?

    How to distinguish between PCBA board cleaning and non-washing in automotive electronics?

    Edited by Ming: ming@smthelp.com

    Customers often do not understand why automotive electronics PCBA boards need to be cleaned reliably. Which electronic PCBAs need cleaning before use? Which ones don’t have to be cleaned? It is also difficult to distinguish and judge. The purpose of this article is to analyze the necessary reliability cleaning of automotive electronics PCBA, hoping to help customers and readers.

    Automotive electronics PCB PCBA cleaning method, cleaning process, PCBA cleaning machine, flux cleaning
    Automotive electronics PCB PCBA cleaning method, cleaning process, PCBA cleaning machine, flux cleaning

    Automotive electronics PCB PCBA cleaning method, cleaning process, PCBA cleaning machine, flux cleaning
    Automotive electronics PCB PCBA cleaning method, cleaning process, PCBA cleaning machine, flux cleaning

    In order to realize the control of driving and clock functions in the car, various types of electronic circuit boards are used to realize various control functions: engine driving management system or engine driving computer ECU, and new energy vehicles have more circuit boards, each of which is on average. The car has a circuit area of ​​1.5 square meters and more than 100 electronic circuit boards. These types are in electronic circuit boards that implement various functions. What needs cleaning? Which do not have to be cleaned?

    Automotive electronics PCB PCBA cleaning method, cleaning process, PCBA cleaning machine, flux cleaning
    Automotive electronics PCB PCBA cleaning method, cleaning process, PCBA cleaning machine, flux cleaning

    The function control panel of the car electronics is cleaned and not cleaned, and is often distinguished from the driver’s personal safety, the safety of the driving scene and the safety of the property. The function control related to the safety of the car and the personal safety of the third party is required. Do the cleaning to achieve high reliability technical requirements: for example, the engine management system ECU circuit board, the new energy vehicle power management system BMS circuit board and so on.

    Automotive electronics PCB PCBA cleaning method, cleaning process, PCBA cleaning machine, flux cleaning
    Automotive electronics PCB PCBA cleaning method, cleaning process, PCBA cleaning machine, flux cleaning

    The car also has other management systems, lighting control systems, navigation, music playback entertainment systems, door and window control and glass lift, seat functions and other auxiliary functions, because the density of these systems and human life safety is not too great, Often such electronic circuit boards can be made from no-clean, thereby reducing cost and meeting performance requirements.

    Automotive electronics PCB PCBA cleaning method, cleaning process, PCBA cleaning machine, flux cleaning (1)_副本
    Automotive electronics PCB PCBA cleaning method, cleaning process, PCBA cleaning machine, flux cleaning

    Driving circuit ECU, new energy vehicle BMS power management system process circuit board process cleaning, cleaning circuit board surface residue, removing flux, solder paste residue and residual effects of other pollutants in the process, truly reach the circuit The surface of the board assembly is clean, and the degree of ionic contamination is used as an indicator to measure the cleanliness of the board surface. This is the technical indicator that can truly achieve reliability guarantee. It can greatly improve the safety and reliability of the circuit board assembly products, and avoid unnecessary risks caused by the electrochemical corrosion of the circuit board and the defects caused by electromigration caused by poor working conditions, humidity and high temperature.

    In summary, all component processes that are closely related to life safety and driving safety must be reliably cleaned. It is currently recommended to use an environmentally safe water-based cleaning process.

    SMTHELP :SMT Professional Manufacturer PCB Cleaning Machine
    The product is suitable for use in automotive electronics, smart home products, communications electronics, consumer electronic product manufacturing process, to improve product reliability and to remove foreign bodies and electrostatic PCB surface
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